888 PROPERTY FINDERS is formerly known as Ark Property Valuers in Sydney.  

We provide PROPERTY VALUATIONS & BUYERS SOLUTIONS - " Not an agent but a professional property valuer & property finder/advisor!"

888 PROPERTY FINDERS provides independent property valuations to support you with an informed decision, prepared by a fully qualified and experienced valuer. 

We also provide pre-purchase inspections on behalf of property buyers, which we help property buyers in finding the right property with a right price. 

By adopting modern technologies and hard earned experience, you will be pleased in receiving professional, honest and independent advice in relation to buying a home, investing or selling a property. 

Services are available for all locations in Greater Sydney Metropolitan area.

Ben is a fully qualified and experienced real estate expert who is an Associate Member of API (Australian Property Institute) and Certified Practising Valuer and property advisor. 

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Property Valuations

Need a reliable property valuation?

Why it is so important to know the ‘True Value’ of the property before you buy or sell? 

  • It’s because when it comes to purchasing or selling this is often the largest investment you would ever make in your life, 
  • Without an accurate valuation by a qualified/licensed and experienced valuer and carried out from reliable data sources, you could end up losing thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

If you would like to request an obligation free quote for valuation,  click Valuation Request.

Buyers Solutions

888 Property Finders

Need independent advice? Get a local expert on your side.
  • Find the property yourself and needing pre- purchase inspections/valuations.   
  • or utilize our years of knowledge and experience to locate the ideal property and helping you purchase the right property. 
Whichever method you prefer, we can provide the perfect solution for buying the right property at the right price. 

888 PROPERTY FINDERS guarantee that you will never be misinformed or duped into paying too much to purchase your next home or investment property.

We are working exclusively on your side.
You will get independent advice because we are not an agent but a professional property valuer and property finder/advisor!

For property buyers to request an obligation free consultation and help,  click Buyers Request.